The Off Road Course

Lakeside Ridge:

Gear: L1
Diff lock: Yes
Off Road Characteristics:  Steep off camber scoop into soft ground causing the vehicle to appear to be driving on 2 wheels!  Make sure you keep momentum up to avoid getting stuck in the bottom of the scoop and be aware of weight transfer as you enter and exit the ridge!

Monsterous Molehills:

Gear: L2
Diff lock: Yes
Off Road Characteristics:  Very steep ascent levelling out on top leading to a very steep descent.  Watch out for failed ascents and loss of traction and skidding on the descent!

Windrush Bank:

Gear: L2 and L3
Diff lock: No
Off Road Characteristics: A long access bank with steep slopes either side covered in undergrowth – be careful not to slip down the sides and watch out for the large “bomb-hole” half way down the bank snatching the steering!

Copse Gulley:

Gear: L1
Diff lock: Yes
Off Road Characteristics:  Steep climb into the trees, negotiate through the trees and then tackle the very steep descent into the gulley followed by an immediate ascent into the other side of the copse.  More tight negotiation through the trees to get through the other side in one piece!  Be aware of the proximity of the trees to the vehicle as you turn and typical ascent/descent hazards in the gulley!